11 January 2010

Ray (Face 432)

So are any of you on twitter? I've been making an attempt to embrace it, or at the very least try to understand what the hell it actually is. I'm looking for some help. Does anyone have recommendations of people worth following? - twitter.com/damienweighill

10 January 2010

Bonnie (Face 431)

At last. First portrait of 2010. Actually that's not true. Officially it's the 8th portrait this year but the first for this blog - just in case you like your statistics to be accurate no matter how irrelevant they are to you.

05 January 2010

Dallas Calling

Parade of Flesh presents...
Giggle Party & artwork by Damien Weighill
Jan 28th - Feb 2nd
Giggle Party will play on Saturday, Jan 30th.
Kettle Art / 2714 Elm Street / Dallas / Texas