28 November 2007

Thorsten (Face 159)

It's getting bloody cold around here but warm your hearts with the news of my lost emails returning from the dead. No need to resend your photos anymore.

22 November 2007


None of these words apply to my current situation. With no fireworks, no smoke, nothing but a huge silence, my computer has lost the will to live. Just simply come to the conclusion that I don't push the right buttons anymore. Unfortunately this means that temporarily I have lost all of my emails. Of course this also means that until I get the old emails back up and running this could be your only chance of bypassing the queue and getting your picture drawn in a matter of days instead of months.

email me photos to the usual address.

Patric (Face 158)

01 November 2007

Dry dishes with your own face

As I posted earlier, I'm hoping to print tea towels with your beautiful faces on them (see below). I think there's enough interest for me to be confident that I won't be left with an empty wallet and several lifetimes worth of washing up accessories under my bed so I want to get this project off to a start.

I know people already emailed me showing interest but could you now go to this page and reserve a spot for your face. If I haven't drawn you portrait yet and you're still interested you can still reserve a place and I'll make sure your drawing gets done right away. Once the towel's full they will be printed and then I'll take orders - most likely by paypal or by cheque.

Jan (Face 148)