24 July 2007

Gideon Conn (Face 115)

I'm bending the rules as I'm pretty sure he hasn't visited here but I've been entertained enough to post it anyway. Listen to Gideon Conn here...


(Feast your eyes on his splendid artwork too)

And here's my attempt at capturing the true essence of his bow tie...

16 July 2007


As I'm struggling to keep up with the blogs I already have, I thought I'd start a new one...

You Wish
Make a wish and hopefully it will come true in the form of a doodle.

Mario (Face 109)

05 July 2007

Jonny (Face 102)

Heidi (Face 101)

Ok, finally starting to get things back in order after Glastonbury. I've got a few other exciting (for me at least) projects that may be revealed in the coming weeks. Here a few new faces to get us started again...