23 August 2007

Vyner Street Festival - 26th August

A rather belated little bird informs me it's Vyner Street Festival this weekend and a rather larger bird tells me I'll be there on Sunday with Scrumptious along with various prints/badges/cards and other such delightful items.

If anyone is likely to be around East London on Sunday and would like to purchase a print of their face then let me know today or tomorrow and I'll see what I can do.

20 August 2007

Nelson Mandela (Face 128)

Dear anonymous,

This blog has not been set up to portray a balanced picture of all of the beautiful inhabitants of this planet. I have been drawing portraits of people who take the time to send me a photograph of themselves and have, with a few exceptions, been working through them in the order that they arrive in my inbox. Your observation about the relative lack of diversity in the people who have sent in photographs so far is a valid if rather redundant one.

Your suggestion that I am for some reason filtering out all the non Caucasian faces is something that I find pretty hurtful.

Glad you like the blog.


09 August 2007


I have had some new birthday cards printed. You may or may not be intersted that the image is the very first face drawn for this project. If anyone would like to purchase a card(s) then send me an email.

They are also available in the uk from...

The Red Door Gallery - Edinburgh
Soma Gallery - Bristol
The Permanent Bookshop - Brighton
Ikon Gallery - Birmingham

Printed 2 colour litho on 400gsm FSC certified card

Johanna (Face 124)

08 August 2007

Alicia (Face 123)

Alicia's either got her hooves on a very special keyboard enabling her to email me or this isn't really her face.

Karl (Face 122)

04 August 2007

Matt (Face 121)

Why waste your time looking at my drawing of him when you can check out Matt's excellent artwork here...


01 August 2007


Visit Very Studio's shop where there are new t-shirt designs to vote for - including a few with my own scribbles adorning them.

Jesus (Face 119)

Looks like the facial hair is back for while...