29 May 2009

Mosheh, Matthew and Didi (Faces 366 to 368)


A slightly awful image from my phone but this is the contents of the package that is on its way to Alissa via the Royal Mail and their parcel torturing devices. I'm sure the last few packages I received had been put through a grinder, dipped in hot oil and set on fire before they made their way to my door. I'll say a little prayer that this one makes it across the ocean in good nick.

21 May 2009

20 May 2009

Competition Winner

A day late but the winner of the prints and other bits and pieces has been decided. Congratulations to Alissa who gets to know what it would be like to have children gleefully swinging bats at her head as a piƱata.

Thank you to everyone who joined in. There were a lot of your ideas that I want to draw but I’m not going to announce them just yet. I’ll start drawing them and posting them here just as soon as I finish Alissa’s portrait. And, of course, I’ll be in touch to find out where to send your runner up prize.

You can read through all of the ideas submitted here

13 May 2009

Competition Ends...

On Tuesday (19th May). I'm away for the rest of the week and I will pick the winner when I get back. Click your way over here if you haven't entered yet.


08 May 2009


There's a Your Face competition running over at my website. This could be your chance to jump the queue and get your portrait drawn next (and win a few prizes while you're at it).

Find out more here.