21 December 2008

Your Face

Crikey! I really can't explain how I've missed this up until now. Splendid.

By Bill Plympton

Yara (Face 318)

Yara - here by popular demand.

That was all over a little too quickly so I'll move on to the name with the next highest number of votes. If you're called Katie/Kate expect to see your portrait appearing here over the next few weeks.

Kylie (Face 317)

The votes have been counted and it would seem Yara is the most popular name around here. A most extraordinary result as I only have one face in my inbox that goes by this most wonderful of names. I guess it makes things a whole lot easier for me with just a single portrait to draw.

Merry Christmas

09 December 2008

Estefania (Face 315)

While we wait for the last few votes to trickle in.

04 December 2008


Now that the last Brooke has been uploaded I'm going to open up the next name for debate. leave a comment on this post to vote for the next name I pick out from my inbox. In the event of a draw (or more likely - no votes at all) I'll carry on randomly choosing.

Brooke (Face 314)

03 December 2008


Christmas cards are now available online from Soma Gallery in Bristol and The Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh.