08 June 2007


a huge thank you to anyone who sent me a drawing but there could only be one winner and due not only to the accuracy of her portrait (which you can see below), but also due to dogged persistence and the sheer volume of entries, that winner has to be Edina.

Perhaps I'm not this pretty but it certainly matches the Damien that lives in my dreams and aspirations. Thanks Edina!

Annie (Face 98)

Karen & Elaine (Faces 96 & 97)

05 June 2007

Second Prize

I haven't decided what 2nd prize is because there wasn't meant to be one (or six) but Marina, Kate, Eric, Teresa, Mark and Mandy should expect something in the post in the near future. Thanks to anyone who sent me a drawing. Winner to be announced soon...

Grant (Face 95)

Can't find the original email from the young man who sent me this one so he'll have to remain nameless, as will the flamingo.

[edit] I have been slipped some new information...

young gentleman's name - Grant
flamingo's name - Dirk Kennedy

Jake & Emilio (Faces 93 & 94)

Dave (Face 92)

Jeff (Face 91)

Chris (Face 90)

Competition Over

Winner(s) here soon...

Dane (Face 89)

Christine (Face 88)