27 November 2009


If anyone is interested in the kind of illustrations I'm working on when I'm not drawing portraits of weird and wonderful (mostly wonderful I'm sure) strangers from the far reaches of the internet, then I've been keeping up a blog on my website for a little while now.

Take a look here - www.damienweighill.com/category/blog2/
and maybe even leave me a comment or two if you so wish.

Joe (Face 424)

08 November 2009

Much Business

I'll try to get the next portrait up here soon. I've got a lot of work to get through at the moment and I was trying at some point last week to work out how I'm going to show the portraits from this blog in my portfolio. The main advice I've been given so far is MORE and BIGGER so I'l need to work out how and where I'm going to get this page printed bigger than the A2 version in the photo. That and add a load more of the portraits. It's nice to see them side by side though.