13 December 2007

06 December 2007

Christmas Cards

Some of my christmas cards will be on sale at the Menier Chocolate Factory Craft & Design Fair tomorrow and saturday.

Friday 7th & Saturday 8th December
Menier Chocolate Factory Craft & Design Fair

Menier Gallery
Menier Chocolate Factory
51 Southwark Street
London SE1 1RU

28 November 2007

Thorsten (Face 159)

It's getting bloody cold around here but warm your hearts with the news of my lost emails returning from the dead. No need to resend your photos anymore.

22 November 2007


None of these words apply to my current situation. With no fireworks, no smoke, nothing but a huge silence, my computer has lost the will to live. Just simply come to the conclusion that I don't push the right buttons anymore. Unfortunately this means that temporarily I have lost all of my emails. Of course this also means that until I get the old emails back up and running this could be your only chance of bypassing the queue and getting your picture drawn in a matter of days instead of months.

email me photos to the usual address.

Patric (Face 158)

01 November 2007

Dry dishes with your own face

As I posted earlier, I'm hoping to print tea towels with your beautiful faces on them (see below). I think there's enough interest for me to be confident that I won't be left with an empty wallet and several lifetimes worth of washing up accessories under my bed so I want to get this project off to a start.

I know people already emailed me showing interest but could you now go to this page and reserve a spot for your face. If I haven't drawn you portrait yet and you're still interested you can still reserve a place and I'll make sure your drawing gets done right away. Once the towel's full they will be printed and then I'll take orders - most likely by paypal or by cheque.

Jan (Face 148)

30 October 2007

Super Superficial

I can't honestly tell you that she reads this blog and she certainly didn't send me her photo but having drawn her face regardless, you can now purchase t-shirts with her majesty's facial features (including the queenly nose, regal hairstyling and a most luxurious royal moustache) from the lovely people at Super Superficial.

I don't believe they're available from the website yet but for those of you in and around London there is a shop on the ground floor of Kingly Court which is to be found between Carnaby Street and Kingly Street (Map).

Micah (Face 146)

27 September 2007


I have some work in an exhibition in London tomorrow evening...

(click image for larger view)

Free for Charity
Magazine Launch and Exhibition
28th September - 12th October 2007
Opening Friday 28th September 18:30 - 21:00
Dalston Lane Cafe, 170c Dalston Lane

Prints for sale produced by artists from South Africa and the UK.

All artists have contributed for free. All money made from sales goes to Isabindi Circles, a charity that trains care-workers of children affected by HIV/AIDS.

See photos of the exhibition in Cape Town here

16 September 2007

Tea Towel

Did anyone get one of these at school...

I've been thinking for a while that I'd like to print a tea towel with some of the drawings from this blog. Would anyone be interested in owning a trendy washing up accessory with their portrait on?

[edit] For those who have asked, yes, the tea towel would include the portraits of whoever states an interest here rather than the random faces I've stuck on the image below [edit]

Leave a comment here or email me and let me know if you are the kind of shrewd consumer that would jump at the chance to purchase just such an item. At the very least you could use it wrapped around your head when you next appear as a shepherd in the local nativity play. I imagine it would look something like this...

Dalia (Face 135)

14 September 2007

Lassie & Muttley (Special Guest Faces)

A few weeks ago I joined Scrumptious at the Vyner Street Festival along with Pincer Movement and Sarah Kate Wilson. The theme was Heroes & Villains - so naturally we looked at it from a canine point of view. Here are the results...

Lassie - drawn by myself.

Muttley - drawn by Pincer Movement

23 August 2007

Vyner Street Festival - 26th August

A rather belated little bird informs me it's Vyner Street Festival this weekend and a rather larger bird tells me I'll be there on Sunday with Scrumptious along with various prints/badges/cards and other such delightful items.

If anyone is likely to be around East London on Sunday and would like to purchase a print of their face then let me know today or tomorrow and I'll see what I can do.