24 June 2008

Eddie (Face 234)

Thought I might as well continue with the music theme we've got going on here.

20 June 2008

Theme From Your Face

Last week I was blissfully unaware of one of the major shortcomings of this blog. I don't think I could have pinned down the exact nature of what we were missing here even if they had let me borrow Stephen Hawking's chair for a few weeks to sit and mull it over.

Alas, thanks to Steve (Face 233), the problem has been solved before I even had time to worry about it. This one has slipped by with no need try to bury it deep in my subconscious and let it fester and develop into another dangerous personality disorder. I think we all have a lot to be thankful to Steve for in that regard so without rambling any further I am stupendously pleased to be able to present to you.. Theme From Your Face...

Music courtesy of www.handontheplow.org

*anyone having problems listening should be able to hear the theme tune here

17 June 2008

Steve (Face 233)

Steve's photo crash landed into my inbox yesterday and attached was a note offering to write me a song in exchange for drawing his particular arrangement of nose, mouth, eyes, etc.

Well Steve, I've kept up my side of the bargain, I beieve it's now your turn.

Vicky (Face 232)

04 June 2008

Revenge is Sweet

Some amazing prints from Revenge is Sweet. Available from Print Club. Look out for their work at the Blisters on My Fingers exhibition...

Blisters on my fingers fingers will run from 11th to 13th July 2008 at MC Motors, Millers Avenue off Arcola Street, Dalston, E8 2DS.

Friday night opening 6 – 10pm (Please RSVP)
Saturday 12 – 5pm Afternoon Print off *
Sunday 12-5pm Closing show BBQ

*Print Off
Two artists will go head to head in a print off. They will be working (screenprinting) on an A0 canvas one side each, with 60 minutes to create their image.

03 June 2008

Nora (Face 228)

ok people, we're back in business. firstly I'd like to propose that we all move to Japan if they have room for us. In the meantime (I know you all need a moment to pack your bags and tie up loose ends, say a final goodbye to the family etc.) let's carry on where we left off. Hopefully I can complete the remaining portraits for the first tea towel in the very near future and can finally get them printed.