10 September 2009

Barry? (Face 404)


christian.m.w said...

hey i sent you a picture of me but i havent seen it up here yet :(.

how come?

Damien Weighill said...

When did you send it Christian?

It can take a while. I've got a lot of portraits to get through.

christian.m.w said...

oh sorry my bad
im just eager cause your works real good
i sent it yesterday

Damien Weighill said...

hehe.. yeah it could take a little longer than that.

Entertainment Blog said...

Hi Damien!

Your blog is such a nice one, the idea is so great.

But I'm not comfortable to send my picture, sorry for that. :(

Damien Weighill said...

That's ok. I'm actually 100% on your side. I wouldn't be comfortable sending my photo to a stranger either. Luckily for me it seems there are quite a few other people who don't have the same hang-ups as us.

If you ever change your mind then I promise not to use the photo to steal your soul or any other such evil enterprise.

I'm glad you like the blog. It's a fun project for me.