17 July 2008

*New* Your Facebook & Myface pages

We're obviously all friends around these parts. Let's face it you wouldn't just send photos of yourself across the internet to just any old stranger would you? What would your mother say? Or Aunt Pat for that matter? You know how new technology really boils her blood ever since the unfortunate episode where she got that job standing in as Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap and had to parade around as the drunkard, womanising deputy sheriff of some backwater town in 1868.

Yourface has stretched out its welcoming arms and is now waiting eagerly your warm embrace as we make our friendship official myspace/facebook style.

Get your merry selves clicking on these links right away:
Your Face on Myspace
Your Face on Facebook

Does anyone use their portrait as a myspace or facebook profile image?


Your Face tea towels are being printed as I type and will be available 1st August.
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