08 May 2008

Face Facts

This week has seen a whole lot of new faces staring out at me from my inbox. Thank you to everyone who has linked to Your Face (20minutos.es, alt1040.com, photojojo.com ,lavozdegalicia.es to name just a few).

I have too many emails to reply to them all right now so I'll answer some of the most popular questions here.

- Yes, I will send you an email when your face has been posted on the blog. Feel free to check back here as much as you like to see the other new faces though. You could even subscribe to my feed and help make me feel popular.

- I'm 26 and currently live in London.

- I'm a real person whatever that means.

- No, I don't look like the queen and won't be posting a photo of myself anytime soon. Strangely enough I don't feel comfortable posting images of myself on here despite expecting all of you to email me yours.

- I'll start accepting new submissions for the tea towels soon.

- Yes I accept commisions and would love to work on your new project. Contact details for this type of thing can be found here.

>>Please try to send photos to this email address and not to the address from my portfolio site<<



Anonymous said...

Hey Damien, your link to your e-mail adress doesn't work on my computer could you just type it out? thanks.

Damien Weighill said...

yourface @ daddy-ears.com

De said...

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