19 March 2008


This project has been running for well over a year now and judging by my bulging inbox any original thoughts that nobody reads blogs have been blown out of the water. I have no intention of hanging up my sketchbook anytime soon and with 200 faces being a milestone that I didn't ever intend to reach, it feels appropriate to celebrate it in some manner. I have a few ideas that I hope to turn into reality in the next few weeks including a special portrait for lucky face number 200. Until then I leave you with a glimpse of the first printed versions of yourface. I will be making a series of these limited edition booklets, each containing around 20 portraits...

We also need some more people to help get the tea towel off the ground if anyone's still interested?


poulet/gingembre said...

Hey congrats...and pooh-pooh all of them who said nobody reads blogs anymore!!!
still anxiously awaiting the tea towels though.

Becky said...

Man! I just missed being #200. It's especially unfortunate because I crave undeserved internet attention. It's my favourite!

Still, good on you sir. Fine work.


Dave said...

congrats and thanks! these are hilarious!