01 November 2007

Dry dishes with your own face

As I posted earlier, I'm hoping to print tea towels with your beautiful faces on them (see below). I think there's enough interest for me to be confident that I won't be left with an empty wallet and several lifetimes worth of washing up accessories under my bed so I want to get this project off to a start.

I know people already emailed me showing interest but could you now go to this page and reserve a spot for your face. If I haven't drawn you portrait yet and you're still interested you can still reserve a place and I'll make sure your drawing gets done right away. Once the towel's full they will be printed and then I'll take orders - most likely by paypal or by cheque.

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Nancyrowina said...

Hopefully now you are in the britblog directory you will get a few more visitors. Have you signed up at technorati too? That will help your blog get noticed.