20 August 2007

Nelson Mandela (Face 128)

Dear anonymous,

This blog has not been set up to portray a balanced picture of all of the beautiful inhabitants of this planet. I have been drawing portraits of people who take the time to send me a photograph of themselves and have, with a few exceptions, been working through them in the order that they arrive in my inbox. Your observation about the relative lack of diversity in the people who have sent in photographs so far is a valid if rather redundant one.

Your suggestion that I am for some reason filtering out all the non Caucasian faces is something that I find pretty hurtful.

Glad you like the blog.



Anonymous said...


As one previous anonymous poster who once declared her love for you, please know that I am not, uh, the other anonymous poster who caused some trubbles.

having to deal with lots ever since my parents named me anonymous,

Damien Weighill said...

Anon (may I call you that?)

In my heart of hearts I knew it could never be you accusing me of such things. Your love is dear to me. It must be unsettling that this impostor is trying to shatter your hard-earned reputation as the possessor of an astute and just mind.

I certainly seem to conjure up strong emotions from people named anonymous.

Damien x