16 April 2007

Oliver (Face 62)


With Love, Fat Girl said...

Hello Damien,

As per your request/challenge, I put my dog on my lap, pointed his face to the computer screen and said to him, "This is the drawing of a very talented cyberworld artist. Would you like him to draw your face too?"

My dog replied, "Woof!"

I said, "Fabulous! Are you sure you want this, now? The artist has specifically requested that you fully understand everything going on around you, in order to be privileged enough for a sketch."

My brilliant little dog, tongue hanging out of his mouth, extended his paw to the keyboard, and scrolled down until he got to the face with a K9 right beside it. Yes, drawn by you. He then licked me and jumped off my lap, all ready for some rope toy tug-of-war.

Needless to say, my dog is quite the personality and well worth the art. Or do you require my face to go alongside his, provided you haven't found me totally insolent by this point? :)

(I hope the story at least gave you a laugh)

Damien Weighill said...

I'll take all the faces I can get. Send 'em both over.